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Get the handle of an active table by name.


CTHANDLE ctdbFindActiveTable(CTHANDLE Handle, pTEXT Name)


  • Handle [in] - the handle of the database dictionary to search.
  • Name [in] - the string with the table name to lookup in the database dictionary.


ctdbFindActiveTable() retrieves the table handle of an active/open table in the given database dictionary by name.

To get the handle of an active table by the Unique Identifier, use ctdbFindActiveTableByUID().

To retrieve the table handle of the first active table in the database dictionary, use ctdbGetFirstActiveTable().

To get the path of any table in the database dictionary by name, use ctdbFindTable().


ctdbFindActiveTable() returns the table handle or NULL if the table is not in the database dictionary or if the table is not active/open.

See also

ctdbFindActiveDatabaseByUID(), ctdbFindTable(), ctdbGetFirstActiveTable()