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Convert a date and time in CTDATETIME form into the form day, month, year, hour, minute, second with whole second precision.

NOTE: See ctdbDateTimeUnpackMsec() if you need millisecond precision.


CTDBRET ctdbDateTimeUnpack(CTDATETIME DateTime, pNINT pYear, pNINT pMonth, pNINT pDay, pNINT pHour, pNINT pMinute, pNINT pSecond)


ctdbDateTimeUnpack() unpacks a date and time CTDATETIME value into the form day, month, year, hour, minute, second.

  • DateTime [in] the packed date and time value.
  • pyear [out] the year.
  • pmonth [out] the month.
  • pday [out] the day.
  • phour [out] the hour.
  • pminute [out] the minute.
  • psecond [out] the second.


ctdbDateTimeUnpack() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or c-treeDB API error on failure.

See also

ctdbDateTimePack(), ctdbDateTimeUnpackMsec(), ctdbDateTimePackMsec()