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Convert a big integer value to a float.


CTDBRET ctdbBigIntToFloat(CTBIGINT value, pCTFLOAT pFloat)


ctdbBigIntToFloat() converts a big integer value to a float. A big integer is an 8 bytes integer value. Use ctdbFloatToBigInt() to convert from a float to a big integer. Use ctdbBigIntToLong() to convert a big integer value to a LONG.

  • value [in] the big integer value (8 bytes signed integer).
  • pFloat [out] the float value.


ctdbBigIntToFloat() returns CTDBRET_OK on success, or c-treeDB API error on failure.

The possible error associated with ctdbBigIntToFloat() is CTDBRET_NULARG since a Null argument is not valid in pFloat.

See also

ctdbFloatToBigInt(), ctdbBigIntToLong()