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Updating Existing Resources

An existing resource can be updated by calling the following function:

CTDBRET ctdbDECL ctdbUpdateResource(CTHANDLE resource, pVOID data, VRLEN size);

You must call ctdbAllocResource() with specific resource type and number that will uniquely identify the resource being updated.

  • resource is a resource handle allocated by ctdbAllocResource().
  • data is any collection of data that you wish to store as a Resource. It can be a character string, a structure, or any variable type.
  • size indicates the number of bytes occupied by data parameter value. ctdbUpdateResource() returns CTDBRET_OK on success.

c-treeDB API C API Update Resource Example

CTDBRET UpdateMyResource(CTHANDLE Handle, ULONG type, ULONG number, pTEXT name, pVOID data, VRLEN size)



CTHANDLE hRes = ctdbAllocResource(Handle, type, number, name);

if (hRes)


if ((Retval = ctdbUpdateResource(hRes, data, size)) != CTDBRET_OK)

printf("ctdbUpdateResource failed with error %d\n", Retval);





printf("Failed to allocate resource handle\n");



return Retval;