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c-tree ODBC Driver Setup

To continue the tutorial, modify the c-tree ODBC Driver Setup options to match the c-tree Server to be used:

  1. In the Windows Control Panel, open the ODBC manager.
  2. Choose the FairCom ODBC Driver.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. The c-tree ODBC Setup dialog box shown as follows should appear.

The c-tree ODBC Setup dialog box contains the following prompts:

Data Source Name

Arbitrary name of the c-tree Driver.


Arbitrary driver description.

Script Name

The script name should be FAIRCOM.DB for the tutorial.

Driver Type

The c-tree ODBC Driver makes it possible to select different operational modes for the Driver. The types are as follows:


FairCom’s multi-user non-server (FPUTFGET) mode of operation.


Communicate through the TCP/IP communication protocol to a c-tree Server.


Communicate through the NETBIOS communication protocol to a c-tree Server. This protocol has been deprecated.


Communicate through the SPX/IPX communication protocol to a c-tree Server.

Note: Select the proper communication protocol. If you are unsure which protocol to select, start with TCP/IP, which is the default for the c-tree Server, or contact your Server Administrator.

Server Name


The default c-tree Server name may be overridden with the SERVER_NAME keyword in ctsrvr.cfg, the Server configuration file located in the Server directory. If you are not sure of the name of your c-tree Server, contact your Server Administrator.

When using TCP/IP, the Server Name must include the host machine name. Both the Server Name and the host name are case sensitive. The format is as follows, where Server_Name is the name of the c-tree Server, and Server_Hostname is the name of the machine where the c-tree Server resides. If you are unsure about the host name, consult your network administrator:


For example, to connect to a machine with a host name of Sun and using the default Server Name, FAIRCOMS, specify the following in the ODBC Setup Server Name prompt: FAIRCOMS@Sun

Once the Server Name and other prompts are properly defined, click OK for the Setup and ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog boxes. To continue the tutorial, please proceed to “Tutorial.”