c-treeEDGE IoT Database Update Guide

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FairCom’s advanced database engine has an outstanding history of enabling developers to create exceptional solutions to unique problems. The c-treeEDGE solution is optimized for mission-critical database operations in edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Industrial IoT (IIoT). FairCom added specific features to c-treeEDGE to make it easy to collect, aggregate, synchronize, and process data across the edge, IT networks, and the cloud.

FairCom’s unique, object-oriented NAV API enables developers to process data at extreme speeds. NAV is ideally suited to the edge devices because its small footprint runs quickly on embedded devices—even those with limited processing power or memory. And, unlike traditional SQL, NAV gets easier to use as problems become more complex.

c-treeEDGE allows you to use NAV for efficiency and SQL for industry-standard access—all on the same instance of the same data.

c-treeEDGE makes it realistic for your application to process data at or near the location where data is generated. This opens the door to faster, smarter, and more efficient operations on the edge.

c-treeEDGE Documentation

You will find a full set of c-treeEDGE documentation on the FairCom website:

Tutorials help you get started integrating c-treeEDGE into your application:

In addition to these edge-oriented interfaces, c-treeEDGE supports a wide variety of APIs so you can find the client library for developing in Java, C#, Visual Basic, Node.js / JavaScript, Python, and PHP as well as connections via ODBC and JDBC. See the ReadMe files in the sdk folder of your c-treeEDGE package or see the Documentation page on the FairCom website.

With its small footprint, c-treeEDGE places persistence on the edge, close to the sensors where it matters most.