COBOL Edition User's Guide

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Key Benefits of c-treeRTG COBOL Edition

c-treeRTG provides many features for the application developer. The actual features available may be limited based on the particular license you have purchased. The complete list includes:

  • Support for ACUCOBOL-GT Version 6.1.0 and later and isCOBOL, including the "I$IO" call.
  • Support for Micro Focus COBOL and other COBOL dialects through the standard Callable File Handler interface (ExtFH).
  • No need to recompile your application.
  • Integrated as an additional file system. The file and path management is transparent for both Vision and c-treeRTG files. Details for handling c-treeRTG files are specified in the c-treeRTG configuration file. See c-treeRTG File System Details in the c-treeRTG User's Guide.
  • c-treeRTG and other file handlers may co-exist in the same application allowing on-the-fly data conversion from one file system to another.
  • Provides a ctutil utility that implements the same functionality as Vision's vutil utility as well as importing/exporting ASCII files created with the Btrieve butil utility.
  • Native COBOL record support with no SQL record buffer conversion which can slow down your applications.
  • SQL support for native data records, including tables that have multiple schema definitions (redefined fields) in the same table. See Multiple Record Virtual Tables in the c-treeDB Developer's Guide.
  • The cross-platform nature of the c-treeRTG Server, based on the c-treeACE engine, makes it easy to provide client/server support across multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, AIX, HP-UX and others.
  • The c-treeRTG Server includes industrial-quality on-line transaction processing (OLTP) features that guarantee ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability) properties of transactions that are transparently (to the application) activated on any table.
  • Support for all ExtFH op codes. COBOL operation support for indexed files is quite extensive as we support ExtFH, RM/COBOL (via Btrieve emulation), and ACUCOBOL.