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FairCom Edge Windows IoT Tutorial

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Install the FairCom Edge Database Technology

On your Windows 10 desktop machine (or other development machine), unzip the FairCom Edge product zip file you downloaded or received from FairCom:

You will see a footprint like the image below. See the appxbundle in the EdgeMicroServer folder.

Now go back to your browser and the Windows Device Portal (http://<IP>:8080), into the Apps manager. Click Add. Click Browse and select the ctreeEDGEforeground appxbundle file from your EdgeMicroServer folder.

Click Next to start the Installation. Leave the other options on their default settings. No optional or framework packages are needed.

Be careful! If you start to click around the browser, this might cancel the Installation. Be patient and let it finish. Most IoT hardware devices are a bit slow writing to the SD card storage.

You should finally see a screen like this:

Let’s now go ahead and start the FairCom Edge database engine.

Once the engine starts, you will see a "Hello FairCom Edge IoT Server World!" message displayed on the console. If you don’t see the message, pick Switch to in the Actions pop-up to make it the frontmost App. This particular implementation is a foreground App with this simple screen front end. Later in this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own App so you can chose to author your own screen front-end. We will demonstrate how to build a Background App in case you choose to run the FairCom Edge in background, similar to the "service" under desktop Windows.