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FairCom Edge Windows IoT Tutorial

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Explore Your Device

Connect to your Windows IoT device using your browser. Enter the following, where <Device IP> is either your host name (for example, MyWinBerry) or a numeric IP address:

http://<Device IP>:8080

You should see a screen like this:

Sign in as ADMINISTRATOR with the password you used when you created your SD card.

Play around a bit. Perhaps toggle the Apps and take a look at the Apps manager.

Note: During this exercise, the author experienced funny behavior using Apple’s Safari browser. The lists of Apps were not being displayed. Switching to Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser solve this problem.

Go ahead and try the "Quick-run samples" to install and run Microsoft’s HelloWorld App to ensure everything is working.

Follow the instructions to "Deploy and run." You should see the "Hello, World!" screen on your device’s console. Your browser’s App manager display will now show this App installed. Assuming everything is working properly, you might want to use the Actions button to stop and remove this App from your device.