FairCom EDGE Windows IoT Tutorial

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Connect to the FairCom EDGE Server via ISQL

ISQL is a command-line SQL utility included in the FairCom EDGE package. You can use it to connect to the FairCom EDGE Server from your PC and issue SQL commands and see the results.

Navigate to the tools folder in your package in a command prompt. The connection string for ISQL is as follows:

isql -u <username> -a <password> <port@host:database>

Note: The username and password are different than the ones used to log into the Windows IoT device. ISQL needs the credentials for the FairCom EDGE Server. The default credentials are username: ADMIN password: ADMIN.

Type the following:

isql -u ADMIN -a ADMIN 6597@<your ip>:ctreeSQL

You should see some copyright text and be at an ISQL> prompt. If you receive an error, check your IP (or machine name).

Once at the prompt, you are now able to issue SQL commands to the database engine. Don’t forget to end each statement with a “;”. If you forget, you will get a numbered prompt allowing you to extend the statement. Simply type “;” there to execute.


Create a table:

ISQL> create table books (id INTEGER, name VARCHAR(128), author VARCHAR(128), country VARCHAR(48), language VARCHAR(548), published INTEGER, pages INTEGER);

Insert a row:

ISQL> insert into books values (1, 'Anna Karenina', 'Leo Tolstoy', 'Russia', 'Russian', 1877, 864);

View record:

ISQL> select * from books;

Drop table:

ISQL> drop table books;

You can also run through our REST API tutorial against the FairCom EDGE Server: