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FairCom Edge Windows IoT Tutorial

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FairCom Edge Windows IoT Tutorial




Using FairCom Edge database technology to add persistence on the Edge


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 This tutorial provides detailed steps to install and test the FairCom Edge® database technology on the Windows IoT platform. We assume that you have the Windows IoT operating system installed on a device (such as a Raspberry Pi) and are ready to experiment.

Note: If you are experiencing unexpected errors and are using Wi‑Fi, try switching to a wired Ethernet connection. Windows 10 IoT build 17134 and earlier had known issues with Wi‑Fi.

Let’s begin by exploring your device to ensure our desktop connection is intact. The device’s IP is shown on the device screen when Windows IoT boots up. FairCom Edge’s default communication protocol is TCP/IP IPv4.

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Explore Your Device

Install the FairCom Edge Database Technology

Connect to the FairCom Edge Server via ISQL