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Using Node.js with FairCom Edge

The FairCom Edge provides a client library for Node.js. This makes it easy to build web applications and web services that automate and process data in the HUB.

Node.js is an application server used to create web applications and web services. It executes JavaScript code.

The FairCom Edge client library for Node.js is a rich API that provides full access to data stored in the hub.

There are also several MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) libraries that run in Node.js. You can use them to automate and persist data in the FairCom Edge.

For more about the FairCom support for Node.js, see FairCom Node.js Support in the on-line documentation.

Let's get started - A tutorial is available in the section titled Tutorial for Using Node.js with FairCom Edge.