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Using Node-RED with FairCom Edge

FairCom provides a node for Node-RED, called ctree. The official name in the code is node-red-contrib-ctree. In Node-RED, this node is visible as the following icon:

This node makes it easy to use Node-RED to read, insert, update, and delete data in FairCom Edge. It communicates with FairCom Edge using its REST plug-in.

The FairCom Edge Node.js node module for Node-RED can be installed providing a storage node icon in your Node-RED palette. Drag this storage node into your flows and quickly add persistence to your application.

Let's get started - A tutorial with documentation is available in the software package in the Driver\restapi.nodeRED directory. In addition, you will find a guide to setup and installation is available in the section titled Tutorial for Node-RED.

For more about the FairCom support for Node.js, see FairCom Node.js Support in the on-line documentation.