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Using Node-RED with FairCom EDGE

FairCom provides a node for Node-RED, called ctree. The official name in the code is node-red-contrib-ctree. In Node-RED, this node is visible as the following icon:

This node makes it easy to use Node-RED to read, insert, update, and delete data in the FairCom EDGE database. It communicates with FairCom EDGE using its REST plug-in.

The FairCom EDGE Node.js node module for Node-RED can be installed providing a storage node icon in your Node-RED palette. Drag this storage node into your flows and quickly add persistence to your application.

Let's get started - A tutorial with documentation is available in the software package in the Driver\restapi.nodeRED directory. In addition, you will find a guide to setup and installation is available in the section titled Node.js Client Library for FairCom EDGE.

For more about the FairCom support for Node.js, see FairCom Node.js Support in the on-line documentation.