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FairCom Edge supports the ThingWorx platform, the Node-RED development environment, and ad hoc development using MQTT, Node.js, Python, or just about any environment you can think of.

This section provides links to tutorials and additional documentation for the supported tools, protocols, and APIs for accessing the FairCom Edge Server. If you don’t see support for a tool, protocol or API that is needed for your environment, please contact your nearest FairCom office. FairCom Edge is very flexible and it might be trivial for us to add this support for your project.

In This Chapter

Tutorial for the ThingWorx AlwaysOn Connector

Tutorial for the ThingWorx MQTT Extension

Tutorials for the Node.js REST API

Tutorial for Using Python with FairCom Edge MQTT

FairCom Edge REST API

Tutorial for OPC UA Installation and Configuration

Configuring the MQTT Plug-in

MQTT Store and Forward