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ThingWorx MQTT Plug-in

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The FairCom EDGE database can integrate with ThingWorx using an MQTT Broker.

Note: The ThingWorx MQTT Plug-in is deprecated in favor of the ThingWorx AlwaysOn Plug-in.

The application can push information to an MQTT broker and ThingWorx can subscribe to the broker to receive those updates. FairCom EDGE has an embedded MQTT broker, which can persist data locally on the edge and forward the same messages to the remote broker. In this way, FairCom EDGE is able to “proxy” the MQTT communication and persist the data with no impact on the application:

This integration makes it easy to create the model in the ThingWorx platform based on existing data from FairCom EDGE. No matter how your data is persisted on the edge (through c-treeDB Navigational APIs, SQL APIs, REST, MQTT, or OPC UA, etc.), this data is automatically updated in the platform with the desired frequency, from near real-time to a predefined frequency (e.g., one value per hour).

The FairCom EDGE extension in ThingWorx Marketplace uses the MQTT Broker to provide integration with ThingWorx.

Let's get started - A tutorial with documentation is available in the software package in the sdk\ThingWorx directory. For setup and installation, see ThingWorx MQTT Extension.