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ThingWorx AlwaysOn Plug-in


The FairCom EDGE ThingWorx AlwaysOn Plug-in connects c-tree to the ThingWorx IoT platform, which allows developers to model complex applications and dashboards. FairCom EDGE provides full SQL and navigational access to your data persisted on the edge with very little change to your ThingWorx project. FairCom EDGE can be added to your project with a simple drag-and-drop operation.

As opposed to other ThingWorx persistence solutions (e.g., JDBC, ADO, SQL), which connect to databases in the cloud, FairCom EDGE persists data on the edge as well as in the cloud.

With FairCom EDGE integration, it is easy to create the model in the ThingWorx platform based on existing data from FairCom EDGE. No matter how your data is persisted on the edge (through c-treeDB Navigational APIs, SQL APIs, REST, MQTT, or OPC UA, etc.), this data is automatically updated in the platform with the desired frequency, from near real-time to a predefined frequency (e.g., one value per hour).

The FairCom EDGE AlwaysOn Plug-in is easy and intuitive. You can quickly add FairCom EDGE to existing ThingWorx applications to locally persist data in the factory and automatically send it to ThingWorx.

This feature is designed for developers of ThingWorx applications. It requires minimum experience with ThingWorx Foundation and databases. The plug-in provides an easy way to map edge-persisted data to the properties of a "thing."

FairCom EDGE collects data from MQTT and OPC UA at high speed from local devices. Its ThingWorx AlwaysOn connector uploads these newly-inserted records directly into ThingWorx. It uses the TimeStamp field built into each record to determine which records to upload into ThingWorx. Integrations with FairCom EDGE can also update and delete records, but the FairCom EDGE Always On Connector only loads the latest inserts into ThingWorx.

FairCom EDGE also provides a ThingWorx MQTT extension, as described in the FairCom EDGE Development Guide. That extension is useful if you are already using MQTT in your application and do not need the enhanced integration of the AlwaysOn protocol.

Let's get started - You will find a guide to setup and installation in this chapter in the section titled Tutorial for the ThingWorx AlwaysOn Plug-in.