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REST API Plug-in

FairCom Edge provides a REST plug-in that allows you to access data and resources in the HUB.

The reference guide for the FairCom REST API is located in the FairCom REST API Developer's Guide.

REST Troubleshooting Tips

Check the REST server port. Most often it will be 8443, but could be 8080 if your server is not set up for SSL encryption. You can test this by using one of the following URLs in your browser:

  • No SSL: http://localhost:8080/ctree/api/v1/openapi
  • With SSL: https://localhost:8443/ctree/api/v1/openapi

Note: The REST port is configured with the cthttpd.json file in the config folder using the listening_http_port or listening_https_port keyword, as described in HTTP Plug-In. If your port is not 8443, you will need to change the URLs in this tutorial accordingly.

Let's get started - A guide to setup and installation is available in the section titled FairCom Edge REST API.

For more about the FairCom REST API, see the FairCom REST API Developer's Guide in the on-line documentation.