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FairCom Edge Developer Quick Start

This chapter covers installation and tutorials to get you immediately up-and-running with FairCom Edge in your projects.

The FairCom Edge environment requires three components:

  1. FairCom Edge. See the FairCom Installation Guide.
  2. Plug-in - A plug-in extends FairCom Edge. Many plug-ins exist. You can use plug-ins supplied by FairCom and you can create your own plug-ins. You may add a plug-in to integrate FairCom Edge with another system such as ThingWorx AlwaysOn. You may add a new communications protocol, such as MQTT, OPC UA, and REST. You may add a new transformation capability, such as processing Cognex image data. You may add a new processing capability, such as running a machine learning algorithm.

    The Supported Plug-ins chapter provides information and tutorials for connecting to a variety of platforms.

  3. Tools - Administrative tools are available in GUI and Command-Line form. See the Administrative Tools chapter.

The server is packaged together with a set of plug-ins for popular environments (ThingWorx, Node-RED, MQTT, REST, etc.).


The Tutorials chapter contains a set of tutorials to help you get going in a hurry:

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