FairCom EDGE IoT Database

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Administrative Tools

FairCom provides a suite of graphical tools and a set of command-line tools to assist with creating and maintaining tables and monitoring the FairCom EDGE.

Note: See the following for information about configuring your system to use those tools:

- Configuring the Browser-Based Tools
- Command-Line Tools Redistributables Folder

Browser-Based Graphical Tools

FairCom provides a set of tools, featuring a graphical user interface (GUI), for monitoring operation and exploring your FairCom ISAM and SQL databases.

Because these tools are browser-based, they can run on any system that has a web browser and a network connection.

The following tools are provided:

  • FairCom DB SQL Explorer
  • FairCom DB ISAM Explorer
  • Ace Monitor

To learn more about these tools, see Connecting to the Browser-Based Tools in FairCom Browser-Based Tools.

Command-Line Tools

The FairCom EDGE database ships with utilities for developers and administrators to use to ensure the integrity of their database. These utilities include a set of command-line utilities, which can be run for a command-line prompt or from a script.

To learn more, see Command-Line Tools.