c-treeEDGE IoT Database

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Download and Installation

Software Download

To download the software, please visit the c-treeEDGE download page on the FairCom website and choose your desired platform.

The c-treeEDGE package contains a c-treeEDGE MicroServer and a variety of connectors and tools to aid with application development.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows
  • Windows IoT
  • Linux x86 and x64
  • Raspbian
  • Android Things


The c-treeEDGE MicroServer and connectors are installed from a compressed c-treeEDGE*.zip (or .tar) package. Simply expand the package and you will see a directory layout similar to that shown in the image below under Folders.

Linux/Unix - This is the only installation necessary for Linux/Unix-based platforms such as Linux and Raspbian. No redist folder is included, no files need to be moved.

Windows - For Windows, a few redistributable files may need to be copied as discussed below.


The expanded package will include a directory structure similar to the image shown below.

Note: The exact directory structure may differ depending on your platform:


You will find your c-treeEDGE MicroServer in the directory called c-treeEDGE.<platform>\server (where <platform> corresponds to your operating system).

Configuration Files

Notice that the server folder contains a folder holding the configuration files: c-treeEDGE.<platform>\server\config. This folder contains the configuration files referenced throughout this document.


The c-treeEDGE.<platform>\sdk folder contains tutorials and ReadMe files to help you connect to the c-treeEDGE MicroServer using the supported APIs and other connectors.


The c-treeEDGE.<platform>\tools folder contains command-line utilities you can use to manage your database. In addition to these tools, a set of browser-based web apps is available for graphically managing your database, see Browser-Based Graphical Tools.

Database Folder Name

c-treeEDGE allows you to have multiple databases named whatever you like. By default, a single database is created named ctreeSQL. Use that name in any of the APIs that ask you to enter the name of your "database."

Remote Access

As a client server architecture, c-treeEDGE allows remote client access from many types of clients. Don't forget to check your TCP/IP ports on your Edge device. These must be open vis installed firewalls.

  • SQL APIs use port 6597
  • ISAM APIs use port 5597
  • REST APIs use port 8081
  • MQTT API uses port 1883
  • MQTT API over WebSocket uses port 8443 (SSL)
  • Node-RED uses port 1880
  • c-treeEDGE browser-based tools use port 8082

For example, when properly configured, you can connect to c-treeEDGE's browser-based tools via http://<your device_IP_address>:1882

These are supplied defaults and each of these ports is configurable for easy network administration. And, as always, be security conscious with what is open. Less access is better and be extremely careful with common ports such as Node-RED and MQTT.