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FairCom ODK Driver

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Setting Up the FairCom ODK Driver

Load the Function Blocks

The FairCom ODK Driver requires the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable package, which is available from Microsoft.

To load the function blocks into the development environment:

  1. Add the FaircomODKDriver.scl file, provided in the FairCom package into the STEP7 project (under the PLC device) as “External source files”:

  2. Load the function blocks from the FaircomODKDriver.scl by right-clicking on the external source file and selecting Generate blocks from source:

  3. Several Function Blocks will be added under “Program blocks”:

  4. FaircomODKDriver functions are now available to be used on the PLC programs.

Copy the Windows DLL

  1. Make sure the Siemens ODK1500S is installed on the IPC (Windows partition on the device).
  2. Copy FaircomODKDriver.dll provided in the distribution package into the following directory on IPC:


    Note that ProgramData is a hidden directory by default in Windows.


The following files are in C:\faircom directory the distribution package:

  1. Settings file: FairComODKDriver.json

    It is possible to configure "ioChannelCount" with the default value of 32 (more properties may be available in the future).

  2. Authentication file: authfile.set

    A default “FairCom Settings” file is provided with user and password as ADMIN/ADMIN. If it is changed in the FairCom Edge server users, a new file must be created.

  3. Log file: FaircomODKDriver.log

    When the FaircomODKDriver driver is loaded, this log file is created with some messages. Every error should be logged with some detailed information.

FairCom Edge Server

As the Siemens ODK manager runs with the SYSTEM user, the FairCom Edge server should be started as a service in Windows so it can run with the same SYSTEM user.