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V12 Changes

With V12, FairCom has strengthened it's license file checks. Therefore, before rolling out a V12 production license (ctsrvr*.lic file), we recommend thorough testing on your production machine to ensure your license files are properly sized for your production hardware. Details on CPU counting and licensing can be found here.

FAIRCOM.FCS V9 and older must be recreated:

FairCom DB V12 and c-treeRTG V3 have deprecated an older algorithm that prevents usage of FAIRCOM.FCS files from FairCom DB V9 and older Server lines (and any customers using the prev10logon switch within their V10 and newer ctsrvr*.lic files). The solution is to recreate the FAIRCOM.FCS file by not moving this file forward.

Note: Existing user IDs and passwords will need to be recreated with V12 and V3.

See Adjusting PAGE_SIZE.