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Compiling Your Application

FairCom DB includes mtmake.exe (mtmake on Linux/Unix) located in \<your installation folder>\build_sdk\build for building the Standalone libraries. Once you follow the prompts to build your library of choice, execute mk.bat (mk on Linux/Unix) to build your project. For more details, see mtmake.

Include Files

The include files needed for linking your client applications have been consolidated into the following folders:

  • \<your installation folder>\build_sdk\include
  • \<your installation folder>\build_sdk\build\ <your arbitrary directory specified in mtmake.exe>


The FairCom DB Standalone library to link with your application will be located in

\<your installation folder>\build_sdk\build\<your arbitrary directory specified in mtmake.exe>\obj\release

(or it will be located in debug if you choose the default when executing mk.bat)

Compiling Examples

For examples of how to compile your client application, consult the ctree.mak file created when you execute mtmake.exe.

Required Libraries

The following libraries are required when building C/C++ applications.


OpenSSL 1.0.2t

SSL support needs to be installed on most Linux distros.

The correct version of OpenSSL is included in our package and our make file points to it.

To include the proper encryption system libraries, you will likely need to add the following link switches:

-lssl -lcrypto

You can review /drivers/c.isam/tutorials/cmdline/Makefile for a working example of building C and C++ applications.


Compression support. needs to be installed on CentOS.


Text based interface is included on most Linux distros.

gcc, make

Compiling tutorials are included on most Linux distros.


Included in most Linux distros. If your glibc is before 2.17 you will also have to include the rt library (-lrt) for “clock_gettime”.


MS Visual Studio Runtime

  • user32.lib
  • gdi32.lib
  • winspool.lib
  • comdlg32.lib
  • advapi32.lib
  • shell32.lib
  • kernel32.lib
  • oldnames.lib
  • crypt32.lib