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Upgrade Notes for Administrators

This section highlights a few notes about upgrading from previous versions of FairCom DB technology to the latest FairCom Database Engine.

GUI Tools

FairCom Database Engine includes a robust set of tools that feature a graphical user interface (GUI). These tools are useful to administrators as well as developers.

Some versions of FairCom Database Engine (e.g., V11) include updates to the SQL engine. This may pose compatibility issues if you attempt to use the new tools with an older FairCom server. We do not recommend connecting new tools to older servers.

Transaction Logs

When upgrading it is advisable to start with new versions of the transaction logs because log formats can change between releases. See Steps to Upgrade the FairCom Database Engine for information about removing the old logs so you can start fresh with your new version.

V12 Note: This upgrade REQUIRES new transaction logs for several new features, including Greater than 32K file handle support, new performance improvements, and new replication enhancements.


With V12, FairCom has strengthened it's license file checks. Therefore, before rolling out a V12 production license (ctsrvr*.lic file), we recommend thorough testing on your production machine to ensure your license files are properly sized for your production hardware. Details on CPU counting and licensing can be found here.

FAIRCOM.FCS V9 and older must be recreated:

FairCom DB V12 and c-treeRTG V3 have deprecated an older algorithm that prevents usage of FAIRCOM.FCS files from FairCom DB V9 and older Server lines (and any customers using the prev10logon switch within their V10 and newer ctsrvr*.lic files). The solution is to recreate the FAIRCOM.FCS file by not moving this file forward.

Note: Existing user IDs and passwords will need to be recreated with V12 and V3.

See Adjusting PAGE_SIZE.