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V6 Changes

V6 introduced updated c-tree Plus file format with extended headers for advanced feature support.

  • Convert your existing V6 data files with the ctcv67 conversion utility. This utility converts existing c-tree Plus data files to the extended format introduced in V7. Extended header support offers HUGE file support and segmented files.
  • Use the Xtd8 file creation functions to create new Extended files.
  • For data files supporting HUGE file support, remember to update your duplicate index keys in the IFIL definitions to include an additional 4 bytes for the associated record position.
  • Note that the ctreep.h header file automatically includes the ctv6v7.h header.
  • Cleanly shut down any existing V6 Servers and remove remaining transaction logs (Steps for a Clean Upgrade). V9 introduces a new transaction log format.
  • Store a copy of the V6 dynamic dump restore utility (ctrdmp) with any remaining backup files in case of future recovery. Consider validating a fresh V9 dump and restore and review your backup procedures at this time.